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About Us

Midi India is your one-stop shop for excellent quality professional midi files. We have been in the business of supplying wholesale music to the karaoke industry since 1999.  It is our goal to provide reasonably priced high quality Indian midi direct to the public. We have our own studios and use only the best professional musicians and software which allow us to offer great tracks as soon as they hit the music charts.



You can choose from our ever increasing library with a ready to use collection of midi or order your own choice of songs that you are looking for from the luxury of your home or work place. We have our own collection of around 2000 Indian midi which include Hindi, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam tracks



We have the capability of making over 100 tracks in a month and can do another 300 tracks through our associates.
Our vast experience in the industry has made us proficient in working on various different midi formats be it the standard GM formats, sound fonts etc, specific workstation formats or any specific formats used by our clients. We can proudly claim that we have broken the common views about midi being a considerably dry and mechanical form of music as compared to wave or mp3. Our sound font standard files when played back on any pc can be the most pleasurable music experience. Moreover when we work on specific formats the output is unbelievable to any person who has associated midi to just mobile ring tones.


Our Team


Our team of professional midi musicians is one of the best in the industry. We believe in the theory of job allocation according to caliber thus resulting in increased work efficiency and production of excellent quality Hindi and other Indian language midis... We have separate keyboard players, drummers, midi experts, sales team etc... Our expert midi musicians can work on various platforms and are proficient with all the advanced software used in the industry like Cakewalk, Sonar, Cubase, Reason etc... We have a dedicated team mastering the tracks made and producing professional quality Indian midi.

We may be slightly over priced compared to our competitors, but, we justify the price factor with our extraordinary quality of our output.

As music is a language on its own, we are not restricted to a particular language, we cut across the continents and offer songs of any language.

The simple reason why we are able to churn out quality and quantity consistently is, when we do midi, we just only do midi nothing else! And to accomplish this task we use some of the most sophisticated software, through which we have specialized and mastered the art of making Midi, hence, we don’t mind if you call us the Midi masters.


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